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Ringside Boxing Shoes

Written by Martin S

Ringside Power Boxing Shoes

Boxing boots

With a catchy and well-known brand name you’ve got your Ringside’s. These are good for starting out and have lower-end price tags for them. You want boxing shoes that will help your agility and movement but I’m sure you’ll want them to last as well. These boots normally come in red, black or blue. They’ve got a really nice look to them and is considerably one of the best features. Here's an overview:


  • They are breathable with a suade/mesh construction.
  • It has a hook & loop ankle strap.
  • Reinforced toe tip for pivoting


  • The grooved rubber sole appears not to be of good quality.

Overall, you will be happy with these boxing shoes but don’t be surprised if they don’t last very long. Boxers have reported that soles are the first to go. They come with 4 star rating on Amazon and our verdict matches.

Ringside Ring Master Boxing Shoes

Shoes For Boxing

Let’s talk about another model from Ringside – Ring Master Boxing Shoes. Let’s review whether these boots will make you the boxing master. Like many boxing shoes, it comes with an extra support for the ankle. They do look quite tall in the photo but when you hold them, they are not that big at all. If you hate synthetics, you will like the feel of the Ring Master. Let’s look at the pro’s and cons.


  • Good for beginners
  • Will feel comfortable;
  • Decent price tag;
  • Feel quite light;
  • Grooved rubber sole


  • Some reports of poor quality.

They are ranking at 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon and mostly due to quality issues. If you’re a beginner, these will get the job done. They might not last you years, but for this price tag, it seems about right.

Ringside Undefeated

These are a very good quality shoe from Ringside. They come in black as well as white/grey. The first and obvious thing going for them is the look – this might not be the very best boxing shoe but it sure looks great. So what’s so special about it then:

This is a very successful model from Ringside. It’s been selling well and customers have been very happy with them. If you’re looking for medium price range but high quality, Undefeated from Ringside is a good choice.


  • High-top ankle for added support;
  • It has breathable nylon mesh pattern;
  • Non-slip rubber sole;
  • The reviews – 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Actually, none.


One of the key differences between this boxing shoe and the ones mentioned previously – the colour. It comes in black, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, pink and others. If you’re a female boxer, this one could add a little girly feel to your boxing. Don’t get me wrong – they look very nice. It’s not common to see pink or neon-orange boxing shoes out there. So if you’re a lady that likes her pink (only pink colour has sizes for women) – here’s what Diablo offer.


  • Like other Ringside models, it has a breathable nylon pattern;
  • Low-top ankle but still offers ankle support;
  • Non-slip rubber sole;
  • They feel very lightweight;


  • Like Undefeated – can’t fault these.

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