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Reaction Ball – Best Reflex Balls Reviewed

Best Reaction Balls
Written by Tim Brown

Training reflexes is an extremely important aspect of training in all martial arts and other sports. Frequently it is also an overlooked part of training because it’s not the type where you will exhaust your body a great deal. Almost all types of physical training in boxing and other striking will end up exhausting you except when it comes to slow practice of technique. All other types of training such as drills for speed, power or endurance, will usually end up leaving you sweating. All of these are fundamental parts of fighting but there is another way how you can elevate your ability to fight and that’s improving your reflexes.

Getting a reaction ball is an excellent way how to mix up your training and allow yourself to become better in new ways. Reflex training has been around for a long time and is actually nothing new but lately it has been getting a lot of more recognition that it deserves and so have these reflex balls for fighting. So why take the time and actually develop reflexes through one of these fight balls?

Any fighter that is throwing a punch or a kick, it all happens very quickly and you must react quickly to it. The more trained the fighter is, the faster his speed and the less time there is to react. So if you’re up against a fighter that has a speed advantage, you better have great reflexes to combat it. Reflexes do get developed naturally through striking and sparring in general because you’re continuously stretching your ability to react under pressure. However, once you put your mind to and actually spend some time on working on reflexes themselves, you’ll notice that your ability to react quickly in a fight becomes much more effortless. There are many ways how to develop reflexes for fighting but one that we’re going to have a look at is the previously mentioned reaction ball.

Who uses reaction ball and how to improve reflexes with it?

One of the most frequent users of reflex ball is none other than Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko. Known for his ability to break opponents down through technique and insane foot work, Lomachenko has been seen working on his reflexes extensively. With such a start using the elastic head ball hats, you know it’s not just a fad. One of the best features of this equipment is that is very small and light so you can even use it at home as long as you find a little bit of training space. You could also easily bring it with you whilst traveling.

The fight ball is used to develop hand eye coordination and ability to react to a moving object heading your way. It doesn’t get more complicated than that but you might consider where this will play an advantage when you become better at over time:

  • check
    Notice punches coming your way much quicker
  • check
    Develop ability to counter-punch when seeing a moving object head hour way (counter striking);
  • check
    Develop accuracy of your punches to land it in a small spot
  • check
    Train your punches to connect with the enemy at the right time

Now that we’ve gone over the uses of this tennis ball hat (another name it’s associated with), let’s look at the most popular ones out there with an overview of each.

Reflex Ball

This striking ball is one of the most highly rated ones on this list. If you’re a fan of simple designs, then you will find this reflex training equipment really good. The comfortable head strap that fits all head sizes (you just need to adjust the size). Simply place it on your head and off you go. The elastic cord is durable and is very important as this would be the first thing to break under frequent training. Either the cord or the attachment points but those are also connected very well to the elastic cord. At the end of the cord is a tennis ball which also is very durable in itself.

Boxaball Reflex Ball

Boxaball bears similarities with the LOM product design. It also has a head strap with a simple design. You will find a Box A Ball logo on the side of the black strap. You can actually adjust the string in its length if you find it is too long. It’s not immediately obvious that this string can be adjusted but you’re able to do so by bulling the string through the ball. The alternative approach on other products is by tying some loose knots between the ball and the headband which will shorten the length but you’ll need to untie it afterwards, which can be a bit difficult. This reflex training equipment comes with a red branded ball at the end of it which is a bit softer than a tennis ball.  

How To Improve Hand Eye Coordination

LOM has made two types of the elastic head ball products, one with a strap around your head and another one with an actual hat. Both would get the job done and it doesn’t make much difference whether you get the one with a strap or one with the head band. What makes this product appealing to some more than others is the design as LOM have placed a USA flag on the side of the hat and large USA writing on the front. This one has a tennis ball at the end of it so you know it is not as soft as other balls. Attached to the hat you’ll find little clips that will keep the cord safely attached to the hat. The hat as any other hats can be adjusted so will fit different head sizes.

How To Improve Punching Accuracy

AOU (stand for All Of U) have created their reaction ball and have it as a hat version. The red hat has a AOU logo on the front of it and looks actually quite decent even if taking the the string and the ball away from it. The hat sizes are adjustable and will let you change the size with the strap on the back of the hat. You can adjust the length of the rope which is easier to do than on other reaction ball designs.  

Accuracy Ball

Supore boxing reflex ball has the most unique design and has a different approach to it. What makes this training equipment different is firstly how you place it on your head. Instead of a head strap or a hat, you have a headscarf instead. The best thing about the headscarf is that it will fit your head perfectly because you would need to tie it once it’s placed around your head. Supore fight ball also comes with a pair of gloves that you’re meant to use it with. They are not typical boxing gloves and are not meant to be used for boxing. It’s a glove-like piece that you put your hands in but doesn’t resemble an actual glove that much. Length of the string can be adjusted by cutting it.

Morgiana Boxing Ball Reflex

Reflex Ball

For a full comparison, we’ve also added Morgiana reflex ball to the list. It is extremely similar to the Supore fitness equipment. This one also comes with the little boxing gloves and has a headscarf that you would tie a knot with, once you’ve put it on your head. Similarly, it offers the same comfort as Supora – the headscarf is great for people that don’t like hats and just want it to feel quite light on your head. It has a little red soft ball at the end of the cord. So far this punching ball kit has only received five star reviews.

Poilee Boxing Ball Reflex

Hat with a ball

Poilee punching ball comes with a black head strap that you can adjust with the Velcro on it. It also comes with another string that you attach. This is useful if you want to practice with two different length of strings to switch between faster punching (quicker reflex and accuracy) or slower. At the end of the strap is a little red golf ball which is not actually a golf ball but certainly resembles one. This will not be as hard as the tennis ball.

Findbest Boxing Ball Reflex

Striking Ball

Findbest offers a good and high quality reaction ball to train with and develop your punching ability. Just like most accuracy punching balls, this one comes with a head band. It’s a black headband and has a little attachment on the front where the string is tied to. At the end of the elastic cord is a tennis ball which offers great surface to punch on. What makes the tennis ball a better challenge than other ball types is that it will return the punch nicely (but not too hard) if you fail to react punching it.


This completes our review of this fighting equipment. Many fighters swear by this type of training and have tested it over time. It does work and improve your accuracy, reflexes and ability to see shots coming your way. What makes this equipment stand out is that it’s cheap to begin with and it is also a very fun way to mix up your training. Punching bags is a necessity to become a great boxer but there are many ways how to become a better striker. We hope you’ve enjoyed our review and hopefully you will give the boxing fight ball a chance to become a tool in your training arsenal.

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