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Kids Punching Bag – Top 10 Punching Bags Reviewed!

Being a parent you want to make sure that your child channels his energy in the best possible way. Kids have a lot of energy and can go for many hours until they take a rest. It’s difficult to control kids these days and the best way to control their energy is by not supressing it, but rather, channelling it in a healthy and super-fun way. This is where kids punching bag comes into picture. Having a punching bag for kids is one of the best ways to make sure your child has all the fun in the world by combining playful punching with a controlled tool such as punching bag. Kids punching bag can go a long way as far as physical development goes. Although there are kids that can run around for hours, more and more of them rather spend their time playing video games and it’s much more challenging to get them active, despite all the energy they hold inside.

To engage your child with healthy physical activities that are fun, kids punching bag is a great way to do that and ensure your kid enjoys punching and kicking playfully. There are many punching bags for kids and we want to give you an overview of which top punching bag for kids is best for your wallet. After all, with such a range of punching bags for kids, you want to make sure it doesn’t break after a couple of weeks of use.

Top 10 Kids Punching Bags - Let's Look At Our Favorites

RDX Kids Punch Bag With Training Gloves

RDX Kids Punching Bag

Let’s start off with the awesome part and just point out that this punching bag comes with training gloves for kids. When your kid has gloves, it will allow him to really feel like a young fighter that is thriving to become great puncher! This RDX punching bag is filled with shredded textiles so it will absorb the punches well without putting stress on your kids arms when the punches are unleashed on this bag. It has a non-tear leather material around the bag that will last a long time until anything happens to it. This can be easily hanged in the back yard if you have a tree as this punching bag is waterproof so it can be easily used inside or outside the house. This kids punching bag is 3ft high including chains and 28cm in diameter, so it is a good size for kids that are anywhere between 5-13 years of age. Parents have posted great reviews on Amazon about this kids punching bag, so this is a great choice with a good price tag for the combo of punching bag for kids and boxing gloves.

  • Comes with boxing gloves for punching
  • Kids practicing martial arts will get a lot out of this bag
  • Bag is wrapped with non-tear leather material for durability
  • Great for kids between 5-13 years of age
Punching Bag For Kids

This training bag set is comes with a great punching bag for kids as well as a glove set. So what makes this different from the product reviewed above? Apart from the color option, this has a very similar price. The gloves are different than the RDX gloves because of glove style. These gloves are MMA style gloves and don’t cover fingers fully. These gloves are also not as thick as RDX gloves because MMA styles are also used when grappling, which is not what boxing or kickboxing rules would allow. With beautiful red color, it has UFC written both on the punching bag as well as gloves. This is great if your kid has seen any UFC fights or is a fan of MMA. Even if your kid has not seen any of these, this is a great set to get kids active and throw some punches. This kids punching bag comes with straps instead of chains and can easily be thrown on a tree in the backyard. Alternatively, with the chain loops this bag can be hung in a garage or a room, as long as you find something where you could hang this bag. Weight of the bag is 8lbs and dimensions are 29L x 9.5W x 9.5H. This product is good for kids aged 4-10 due to its weight and will be a fantastic gift to a young kid who would benefit from some fun activity such as punching a bag.

  • Comes with MMA style gloves for punching
  • Has UFC branding on it - great for kids that are fans of MMA or UFC
  • Best for kids between 4-12 years of age
Punching Bag For Children

Next up in our list is this awesome 4 piece training set for a complete training package for your kid. This set comes with a punching bag, training gloves and skipping rope. It really is more of a 3 piece set as the fourth part is what allows you to hang it up to ceiling. This boxing bag will be heavier than the ones above so it’s not only great for kids, it can also be used older teenagers or even adults. The manufacturer recommends this product for kids ages 4 and up. This kids punching bag set comes with 6 ounce boxing style gloves – similar to the RDX training set. To throw in the full training experience and variety, your little one can also practice jumping with skipping rope. Skipping rope is a fantastic way to get a little sweat going when you have to jump up and down all the time. This will create great experience for your kid and will keep your child occupied for hours. What we like about this set is that for the price you pay, it comes with all the equipment needed and the extra skipping rope makes it even so much better.

  • Comes with boxing gloves for punching
  • Comes with skipping rope for full training experience
  • Has additional tool that will allow to attach this bag to ceiling
  • This bag is great for kids between 4 and 15 due to it's weight
Kid Kick Wavemaster - Punching Bag

Next up on our punching bag for kids list is the Kid Kick Wavemaster. As you can tell from the product name, this is more designed for kicking rather than punching. If you were looking for punching bag, rest assured this can also be used for punching. Punching bag for kids is a great thing but it’s great when you can throw in some kicks. If your little one is into karate or taekwondo, this bag will be appreciated. This is much heavier bag than the ones we reviewed above and will really allow for some strong kicks to be thrown at it. The lower base can be filled with sand or water and the entire unit can weigh up to 170 pounds. With such a stable base you can throw some strong kicks and punches. What makes this kids punching bag different is that you don’t have to find where to hang it since it sits on the ground rather than up in the air. This will be very convenient when you don’t have a place where you could hang a punching bag. The height of this kids punching bag can be adjusted as there are four height adjustment options. The bag is covered with nylon which is durable and it covers high impact foam that absorbs punches well. This bag is best for kids up to 10 years old. 

  • This bag can be used for both punching and kicking
  • Stable base will ensure the bag stays upright (you just need to fill it with water or sand)
  • Great for kids aged up to 10 years old
Kicking Bag - Wavemaster

Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster is another great kicking bag for kids that can be used for punching as well. Similarly to the kids punching bag above, height can be adjusted quite easily and there are four height adjustments to choose from. This kids punching bag has a fun design that engaged kid’s imagination. On one side you have a little martial arts dragon and on the other side you have shapes and numbers. These shapes are at different heights and a child will have fun by striking these shapes and collecting points. Great for combinations and you can set even challenges for your child as fun is unleashed with this great punching bag for kids. The base can be filled up with water or sand but most parents will most likely find that filling with water is much easier than sand. Not everyone has spare sand lying around that can be used for it. Water should not leak from the base of this kids punching bag. This bag is very stable and plenty of energy can be unleashed on the bag without worrying about punching bag breaking or tearing.

  • This bag can be used for both punching and kicking
  • Stable base will ensure the bag stays upright (you just need to fill it with water or sand)
  • Additional point system on one side of bag adds another level of fun and helps training accuracy
  • Great for kids aged up to 10 years old
Punching Ball With Stand

This kids punching bag is much different than what we’ve reviewed above. This punching bag is more of a ball and not an actual bag. It comes with a glove set so your child can really feel like an up and coming fighting champion. The height of the ball is adjustable from 35 inches to 50 inches so it can be also used by taller kids for punching once you’ve adjusted the height. The ball is filled with air so you will not get as much resistance by punching it as other bags above will. Since the ball is attached to a spring, once you punch the ball it swings and is much harder to hit than a standing bag. It makes punching more challenging. This punching bag for kids is only meant to be used for punching. For kicking, the two options above are really good for it. Punching should be done from a standstill position as you have to stand on the base for the bag to stand up. This bag will likely not last long for kids above 8 years old.

  • This bag is great for training reflexes
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Height can be adjusted to ensure your child gets the most out of it
  • Great for kids under 8 years of age
Bobby Bully Stand

Next we have Bobby Bully. This punching bag is best for kids that really are into fighting and actually train in martial arts. What makes this bag great is that it has a human-like shape of the upper body minus the arms. It is a professional punching bag for kids and is amazing for developing actual striking skills due to additional details of the face. It can help young upcoming martial artists practice technique by targeting the face and is great for punching as well as kicking. It has 2 height adjustments and a base that needs to be filled up for it to stand still. Once the base is filled up, it will be very stable for a young fighter to practice on. This is as close as it gets to reality without having an actual sparring partner and will be amazing in building a child’s confidence as well as striking/kicking skills. Extremely affective to build striking accuracy and will engage kid’s imagination easily by having this human-like bag to punch.

  • The human-like bag will help practicing technique and is almost like having a sparring partner
  • High quality product and will last a long time
  • Great for kids that are practicing martial arts
  • Great for kids between 5-13 years of age
Bozo Bag for Kids

The image itself already suggests that this is more playful punching bag than the previous ones. With Bozo The Clown design it is a bag that swings when it has been punched. Bozo is quite resilient to punching but is meant only for playful punching. If your child is into martial arts, this bag will not be the best to serve the purpose of getting better at martial arts. Downside of Bozo is that it can often fall and won’t get up to an upright position. If your child hates clowns, this Bozo punching bag for kids might be just the right thing. Bozo is much cheaper than other kids punching bags on this list and the quality will not be as good as others. Bozo will work for kids aged between 4 and 8.

  • Fun punching activity as Bozo bounces back after each punch
  • Great for kids between 4-8 years of age
Kids Punching Bag

This is another fun punching ball that helps train child’s reflexes in a fun way. Unlike the punching ball above, this punching ball has a base at the bottom so your child can run around while punching it. All you have to do is fill it with sand or water to ensure the base stays solid without moving around much. It comes with boxing gloves so your child can put your hands in them and box away while ducking and dodging from this ball as it’s lightly swinging after each punch. Such ball is great for developing hand-eye co-ordination and would do this job much better than simply a punching/kicking bag would. The height can be adjusted ranging from 47 to 57 inches. This punching ball comes with a hand pump so you can easily fill up the ball. It does require to be assembled but don’t get worried it is quite easy to assemble.

  • This bag is great for train child's reflexes and hand-eye coordination
  • Height is adjustable to ensure you get the most out of it
  • Comes with a pump so the ball can be set up easily
  • Great for kids between 5-14 years of age
Ringside Kids Heavy Bag

This punching bag is classed as heavy bag for kids. It is awesome for punching and kicking due to its heavier weight (it weighs 40 lbs). It comes with a pair of handwraps as well as boxing gloves so your child can have the full martial arts experience. Handwraps will protect fingers and wrists when put on and will ensure that bag can be punched safely as long as boxing gloves are put on. It offers good resistance so young martial artists can use this to develop their punching strength as well as technique. It comes with a Swivel & Mounting clip. This bag is great for kids between 5 and 13 years of age.

  • Great heavy bag for strong punches and kicks - very durable
  • Comes with handwraps to ensure hands stay safe during punching
  • Comes with boxing gloves in addition to handwraps
  • Great for kids between 5-13 years of age

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