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Kids Punching Bag – Top Bags in 2020!

Being a parent you want to make sure that your child channels his energy in the best possible way. Kids have a lot of energy and can go for many hours until they take a rest. It’s difficult to control kids these days and the best way to control their energy is by not suppressing it, but rather, channelling it in a healthy and super-fun way. There is also some scientific evidence that suggests that martial arts can be helpful to reduce aggression. This is where kids punching bag comes into picture. Having a punching bag for kids is one of the best ways to make sure your child has all the fun in the world by combining playful punching with a controlled tool such as punching bag. Kids punching bag can go a long way as far as physical development goes. Although there are kids that can run around for hours, more and more of them rather spend their time playing video games and it’s much more challenging to get them active, despite all the energy they hold inside.

To engage your child with healthy physical activities that are fun, kids punching bag is a great way to do that and ensure your kid enjoys punching and kicking playfully. There are many punching bags for kids and we want to give you an overview of which top punching bag for kids is best for your wallet. After all, with such a range of punching bags for kids, you want to make sure it doesn’t break after a couple of weeks of use.

How to choose the right punching bag?

There are a few things that one needs to keep in mind when choosing the right punching bag for your child. First and foremost would be to identify what it is the purpose of getting the bag. If your child trains martial arts and would benefit from a punching bag to further improve his/her skills, you'll probably want to have a look at some of the first bags in our list. If a child needs to develop martial arts skills, getting a bag that offers good resistance is key.

It also should be considered where you consider placing the kids punching bag. If there are no suitable places to hang it from, getting a free standing bag might be more beneficial than free hanging bag. All kids punching bags on this list are rated highly so the quality of them should hopefully meet all requirements. Without further ado, lets look at the bags on this list and the details can answer questions about which punching bag is best.

Top Kids Punching Bags - Let's Look At Our Favorites

RDX Kids Punch Bag With Training Gloves

Let’s start off with the awesome part and just point out that this punching bag comes with training gloves for kids. When your kid has gloves, it will allow him to really feel like a young fighter that is thriving to become great puncher! This RDX punching bag is filled with shredded textiles so it will absorb the punches well without putting stress on your kids arms when the punches are unleashed on this bag. It has a non-tear leather material around the bag that will last a long time until anything happens to it. This can be easily hanged in the back yard if you have a tree as this punching bag is waterproof so it can be easily used inside or outside the house. This kids punching bag is 3ft high including chains and 28cm in diameter, so it is a good size for kids that are anywhere between 5-13 years of age. Parents have posted great reviews on Amazon about this kids punching bag, so this is a great choice with a good price tag for the combo of punching bag for kids and boxing gloves.

  • Comes with boxing gloves for punching
  • Kids practicing martial arts will get a lot out of this bag
  • Bag is wrapped with non-tear leather material for durability
  • Great for kids between 8-15 years of age

This punching bag for children is rated very highly and rightfully so. First let's look at what is so appealing about this bag. For start, it is very sturdy and offers great resistance. The base is quite high off the ground so it won't suite children under 8. However, for ages 8 and over, this bag would last for years to come due to the resistance it offers and its sturdiness. The layer around the bag can be chosen from 4 patterns. 2 of those are patterns with numbers that can help with develop punches and kicks through focus and precision.

It has a strong base that can be filled with sand or water. The bag is covered with grain textured leather and filled with microfibre pieces. This bag offers a lot of resistance and won’t fall over even from strong kicks and punches. Apart from filling the sand, it’s quick to set up and won’t require finding a place to hang it from, unlike some of the other bags.

  • Multiple patterns to choose from
  • Easy to set up and won't require hanging bag from ceiling
  • Best for kids aged between 8 and 17

Ringside Boxing set for children is a great way to introduce martial arts for the younger children. The picture may suggest that the bag is quite large and heavy but it weighs just 2 pounds. This suggests that the perfect age for this children boxing bag is under 8 years of age. If your child is over 8, this may not be the best option due to the bag not providing enough of resistance. 

This boxing bag for children also comes with headgear that can be secured with an elastic chin strap. Ringside have thrown in also a pair of youth boxing gloves that can be used to punch the bag.

  • Comes with boxing gloves for punching
  • Comes with headgear
  • This bag is great for kids between 3 and 8 due to it's weight

Next up in our list of best punching bags is another one that comes from RDX. It is very highly rated punching bag that is highly durable. The surface of the bag is made of leather material and is water-proof. So just like the previous bag, this can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a free-hanging bag that should be hanged from ceiling or elsewhere that it can be hooked into. The bag itself is approximately 80cm top to bottom and another 30cm if you add the strap. So we’re looking at slightly over 110cm total height.

It is a similar bag to the previous RDX bag and hence they are both well suited for children that are 8-15 years old. This punching bag comes with a pair of punching gloves. It will provide good resistance to punches and kicks, so it would suit beginner and intermediate martial artists.

  • This bag can be used for both punching and kicking
  • Comes with great quality gloves
  • Great for kids between 8 and 15 years of age

VIPER is one of the highest rated children punching bags available. This punching ball helps to develop hand-eye coordination and reflexes in a fun way. It has a free standing punching speedball, which can be adjusted to sit between 120 cm and 150 cm from the ground. Apart from being adjustable, one of the advantages of having a bag that has a base is that setting it up is easier than a ceiling bag. The base can be filled with sand or water and this offers enough of weight to keep the punching bag stable.

The ball itself is filled with air so this punching bag is great if you’re worried about the child hurting their arms. It won’t offer any resistance so is ideal for kids under 10 years of age. The punching bag also comes with a pair of gloves. Whilst it may not be strictly necessary to use the gloves when punching this bag, it certainly give a child the feeling of a professional fighter.

  • Ideal punching ball to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Great for kids aged up to 10 years
  • Very easy to set up and difficult to knock over
Bobby Bully Stand

Next we have Bobby Bully punching bag. This punching bag is best for kids that really are into fighting and actually train in martial arts. What makes this bag great is that it has a human-like shape of the upper body minus the arms. It is a professional punching bag for kids and is amazing for developing actual striking skills due to additional details of the face. It can help young upcoming martial artists practice technique by targeting the face and is great for punching as well as kicking. It has 2 height adjustments and a base that needs to be filled up for it to stand still. Once the base is filled up, it will be very stable for a young fighter to practice on. This is as close as it gets to reality without having an actual sparring partner and will be amazing in building a child’s confidence as well as striking/kicking skills. Extremely affective to build striking accuracy and will engage kid’s imagination easily by having this human-like bag to punch.

  • The human-like bag will help practicing technique and is almost like having a sparring partner
  • High quality product and will last a long time
  • Great for kids that are practicing martial arts
  • Great for kids between 5-13 years of age
Bozo Bag for Kids

The image itself already suggests that this is more playful punching bag than the previous ones. With Bozo The Clown design it is a bag that swings when it has been punched. Bozo is quite resilient to punching but is meant only for playful punching. If your child is into martial arts, this bag will not be the best to serve the purpose of getting better at martial arts. Downside of Bozo is that it can often fall and won’t get up to an upright position. If your child hates clowns, this Bozo punching bag for kids might be just the right thing. Bozo is much cheaper than other kids punching bags on this list and the quality will not be as good as others. Bozo will work for kids aged between 4 and 8.

  • Fun punching activity as Bozo bounces back after each punch
  • Great for kids between 4 - 8 years of age

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