Boxing Talk

Why Martial Arts Are Great For Kids
In a child’s life these days there are many things that would keep them distracted from physical activities. The beauty[...]
Best Boxing DVDs Of All Time – Top 5 Movies Reviewed
Nothing beats a great boxing movie on a Saturday evening. If you’re looking for an evening entertainment and movie that[...]
Your First Boxing Session – How To Prepare For It?
So you are looking to join a boxing class and want to make sure you do well. Perhaps some of[...]
Champion’s Mindset – 3 Practical Steps For Success
Champion’s mind-set is a widely discussed topic. It's not enough to have a powerful and often entertaining personality. Without sounding[...]
HIIT – How Great Fighters Develop Endurance
One of the most fundamental aspects of any fighter’s performance is his (or her) endurance. Whilst many beginners are able[...]
Shadow Boxing For Beginners and Amateurs
Shadow boxing is one of the most underappreciated boxing tools that any practitioner has in their boxing toolkit. For someone[...]
Most Entertaining UFC Fighters – Top 5
UFC is comprised of all types of fighters – you have technical fighters that lack the power; then there are[...]
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