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Best Adidas Boxing Shoes – 2020 Review

You’re looking for Adidas boxing shoes but not sure which ones to go for? Let's look at the most popular Adidas boxing shoes and compare their unique features. Before we dive in, let’s do a quick overview of what we know about Adidas brand and what where they do they fit in the fight game.

Why choose Adidas?

Adidas were founded back in 1949 with a mission to provide best sports gear to athletes. With having roots dating back to mid-1900s, Adidas is a massive brand in the sports industry. While Adidas started with soccer boots, they have quickly expanded into providing equipment for other sports. Their innovative approach to shoe design and functionality has led to studies being done on performance benefits of Adidas shoes.

Adidas famously entered the boxing scene when Ali and Frazier had a boxing match back in early 70s. Ali and Frazier wore boxing shoes from Adidas and there is no better testament to quality boxing shoes than having two legendary boxers being dependent on them. While it’s not necessary to have Adidas boxing boots to become a champion, you do need to get a good pair of boxing boots to give you an edge. So let’s review Adidas boxing boots and what makes their boots so special. You can read more about Adidas in on the Wiki which lays out their history quite nicely.

Adidas Boxing Shoes Reviewed

The first in this list is Adidas Box Hog 3. As the number 3 indicates, this is the third iteration of this boxing shoe. It is also their most highly rated boxing boot. This mid cut shoe is combination of light weight and ankle support for a great foundation for quick rotations and movement. It has a little bit of extra cushion in the heel for extra comfort. Gum rubber outsole will allow to good traction and grip. Something to look out for these boots is sizing - it appears some customers have experienced sizing issue where the shoe seems a bit small. Do read up reviews to see what other customers have ended up going for to prevent any unnecessary returns. These shoes pack a strong 4.7 star rating on Amazon and are among favorites in the boxing circle.

Another popular boxing boot from Adidas is Speedex 18. They've had multiple iterations of this shoe, and we have previous reviewed their Speedex 16.1, which is no longer in this list. Similar to Adidas Adizero, it has a breathable mesh upper to allow your feet to stay breathe and stay cool. What is interesting Speedex 18 is that they've decided to remove the ankle strap in this iteration. The feedback on ankle straps tends to be mixed so it is not surprising that they are experimenting with not having a strap for this boot. These are low-cut shoes that would still allow for ankle comfort and stability with the ankle straps. With Adizero it has also in common the AdiWear technology – a very durable yet flexible rubber outsole that offers great grip and traction.

Adidas Combat Speed look slightly similar to one of their older boxing boots - Adidas Pro Bout. Whilst they look similar at first, when diving in there are quite a few differences. These are good all-round shoes that provide a tight feel for feet. These low-cut shoes are not quite as popular as the Adidas Box Hog or their Speedex boxing boots but they still make the list. The focus of these shoes is on tight fit, durability and being light. They are built very well and will likely be appreciate by fighters that like boxing shoes which feel natural. 

Adidas Box Hog 2 is very similar to the Box Hog 3. The only difference between the two is the material it is made out of. These are affordable shoes and are great for getting good quality shoes in this price range. They have a full mesh construction, have good ankle support. The stitching is of high quality will help ensure that these last you a long time. The sole is quite quite firm and will feel very stable due to feeling quite close to the ground. Overall, this lightweight shoe is a great choice and will serve a long time.

Adidas Impact boxing shoes have a very stylish design. It is in black/white and comes with the traditional Adidas stripes. At first look they are much different than previously reviewed shoes. Adidas Impact boots are not the most classic boxing shoe out there but it will absolutely deliver. You will get some ankle support but if that is a very important part for you when getting boxing shoes, other shoes will offer higher support. The outsoles are unlike what we’ve seen before but will still ensure perfect traction and grip for your movement. The construction is of mixed material – the heel part is made out of mesh that offers air circulation and will keep your feet cool without getting sweaty. Forefoot is made out of synthetic leather for durability and support.


We have reviewed most popular equipment when it comes to boots for boxing. When reviewing boxing boots that are manufactured by Adidas, it is not easy to find many drawbacks. Boxing boots for have evolved over time and, while each shoe offers something unique, they all have great designs and quality about them. The variance more often comes in what type of shoe looks best for you and the ankle support that you are looking for. Each shoe will allow for comfortable movement and will likely last you a long time with proper care. We hope you found this article useful and learned something new!

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