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Winning Boxing Gloves – Review

Winning Boxing Gloves
Written by Martin S

If you’re interested in products from Winning, let me kick off by giving you little bit of history. Winning specializes in martial arts products, specifically more traditional ones. They offer a good variety of products but sometimes they are difficult to come by.  Their equipment is most easily accessible from distributors like Amazon.

When looking at their gloves, they offer a range of choices and if there’s one thing that most of their products have in common – it’s the reviews from customers. Surprisingly very few customers report issues with Winning products and gloves in particular. All of Winning gloves are particularly good at ensuring your hands stay safe. The padding of the gloves appears to be something that they specialize in. Before I dive into the specific products, Winning appears to be one of those emerging brands that you have to watch out for – the quality of their products is a favourite amongst many fighters.

Winning gloves by no means are on the cheap end. These gloves are picked by the fighter that is serious about his boxing game. But you absolutely get what you pay for – gloves that are of high quality and will last you a long time. These gloves are also supported by World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association. Enough foreplay, let’s get down to review and what can you expect from each of them.

Winning Boxing Gloves

As the title gives away – these are training gloves. I’ll review more training gloves in the article but let’s kick off with these. They come with good density and this model is amongst the ones that are considered amazing for protecting your hands. With 16oz gloves, you won’t aim to knock someone out with that padding but you can rest assured that these gloves will protect your hands from damage. They are great for pad work, mitts and bag work. You can spar with them easily and packing on 16oz, you can do it safely. It’s a very compact glove and although some refer to these as “pillows”, it wasn’t the experience in my case. They did nicely soft but in a way where you can still feel your punching power. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve tried them.

The weight of these gloves is distributed quite evenly but let me touch upon quality. If you get these gloves, something that you will notice is the quality. Having had my hands in these, every punch will feel great. I’m not sure how they achieve it but it almost feels like it really fits your hand well. Top it off with high quality leather material of the gloves will prevent tears from it in a long time.

They are laced up gloves – so you can tighten the glove around your wrist and make sure it sits there comfortably. If you have issues with your wrists, this could really help you. They come in black, blue, red and white colours, so plenty to choose from.

Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves from Winning

These have a similar price tag to the gloves above and the main difference is that they are Velcro. Apart from Velcro, these gloves are the same as previous gloves. Laces would allow securing your wrists better whereas Velcro adds the convenience of being able to take the gloves off easily and put them back on. If your wrists are not an issue or easily injured, Velcro option might be better. Although both gloves are for training, unless you plan to compete with them, Velcro allows slipping out of gloves quicker (to grab a drink, for example). If your training involves taking gloves off due to change of exercise, laces will bring some difficulty in there. If your training in the way where, once your gloves are on – they are not coming off until you finish, consider getting laces. After all – they offer that security that pays down the line by having less chance for wrist injury.

Again, with padding like previous Winning gloves, these will ensure your knuckles don’t suffer bruises or pain as a result of heavy bag work. Top notch quality glove.

Winning Professional Boxing Gloves

Winning Professional Boxing Gloves

And finally, the third type of glove – Winning Professional Boxing Gloves. These are very similar to training gloves. They are also amazing at absorbing punch and prevent hand injuries. These come only with laces and are made of highest quality leather. There’s not much I can say about them, actually. They possess the same qualities as other Winning gloves. 


There is really no doubt that these are definitely one of the top gloves in the market. Along with support from WBA and WBC, you will often find these used by top boxers. Whether they are cheap – with gloves being over 200 bucks, this is a high end glove. If you are very seriously in the boxing game and expect to box for quite some time, then they are worth consideration. Costly glove but matching quality – it will last you ages.

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