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Written by Martin S

UFC has taken the world by the storm and so have their UFC hoodies. UFC have partnered with Reebok who supply all of their fighting clothes. This has proven to be a great success for the UFC because their fighting gear looks much better than back in the early days of UFC. If you recall, there were times when fighters could wear any clothing they desired and this was a money generator for the fighters. Whilst this was great for fighters who could promote their brands, the variety of clothing was a bit too much and it felt like looking at a rainbow.

UFC fight brands

Latetely, UFC clothing and their hoodies have become a bit simpler but with a modern design, all thanks to Reebok. Whilst you may find the official UFC hoodies on their website, we feel that fans deserve some other options. We've reviewed top fan favourite UFC hoodies. Great thing about UFC and MMA style hoodies is that they typically can be worn by men and women, regardless of the style. They feel awesome to be worn and provide great comfort. Without further ado, here the top five UFC hoodies we love:

UFC Hoodie

UFC Hoodie

This is a Reebok UFC hoodie that closely resembles the hoodie that UFC fighters wear during the walkout. The style is based around simplicity but has that sleek look to it. The UFC symbols on the collarbone and the Reebok logo on chest is a classic UFC hoodie style. We love the simplicity and white/black pattern that this fighting hoodie has. It is easy to recognize that this is a UFC hoodie and definitely deserves to be on this list of fan favourite MMA hoodies.

UFC Fan Hoodie

UFC hoodie

This hoodie is visibly of different style than your typical UFC hoodie. Whilst it may be not your typical UFC sweatshirt, it definitely has a very beautiful design. One of the standout features about this hoodie is the beautiful grey pattern with the UFC symbol on chest. The grey colour pattern this hoodie has brings a great style to it and the freshness/simplicity is just awesome. This fighter hoodie also happens to have great reviews so people seem to love this one! A well deserved hoodie in our list.
Nate Diaz UFC hoodie

Nate Diaz UFC Hoodie

This is one of those UFC hoodies that will appeal to the fans of Diaz brothers. The style resembles that of the first one in our list but the colours are inversed. The black front with a beautiful UFC logo on the collarbone and Reebok logo on chest area. The rest of the hoodie is mostly white with some blue patterns and Nate Diaz print on the back of it. We know that true fight fans love the Diaz brothers and the entertainment that they bring to the fight game. We don't know whether the Diaz brothers will fight again but are confident that this Nate Diaz hoodie will not go out of style any time soon!
White UFC hoodie

White UFC hoodie

The white fighting hoodie above doesn't resemble the type of hoodie that the fighters typically wear in their walkouts. This is a mix of a regular style sweatshirt with a big UFC logo on it with Reebok above it. It's a white sweatshirt with blue logo and is one made for comfort. It has the typical sweatshirt pocket in the front and can be worn whilst going for your daily run or just at home whilst laying on your couch.

Black UFC sweatshirt

Black UFC Sweatshirt

And as for the last, but not least, this is a similar sweatshirt to the one above, but with inversed colours. These colors will look more similar to the typical UFC gear. The red logos in front and black background go hand in hand together. UFC logo typically is either red or black and this matches their red logo very nicely. We also love the simplicity of it and can see this being a fan favourite very easily.

This concludes our review on UFC fan favourite hoodies and sweatshirts. As we can see, UFC has come a long way with their designs by partnering with Reebok. Some these rock that classic look whilst others represent specific fighters, like Nate Diaz. Regardless of whether you end up getting one or not, we felt that we should have a list of hoodies that fans can appreciate.

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