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Reebok Boxing Shoes – Review

Looking to find out what’s so special about this shoe? Let’s start off - this is a classic Reebok Boxing Boot. Surprisingly, Reebok is not one of those brands that would release dozens of variations of boxing boots. It seems their approach has been to get a few boxing shoe types out and to get them right. If you're unsure if Reebok is the brand of your choice, make sure to check out our review of best Adidas boxing shoes in 2020. Alright, without further ado, let’s get to it and see what Reebok Boxing Boots provide. Here's our review on the best Reebok Boxing shoes.

To start off, Reebok rarely does shoes that are low-cut - when there is no ankle support. If you’re not familiar the different heights, to put it simple, low cut boots don’t offer much ankle stability; mid-cut do offer some ankle stability and high top offer the most ankle stability since it covers an entire ankle and sometimes a couple of inches above it. Reebok tends to add extra ankle strap on all of their boxing boots to offer that extra ankle support. When the support is gained from mid-cut along with a strap to strengthen the grip, you will not feel squeezed into Reebok shoes because you have level of control over the tightness. What adds to the comfort is that they are flexible yet firm at the same time. It’s kind of hard to explain but what it comes down for comfort is the flexibility and padding. As long as you get the right size, it should feel very natural to move in Reebok shoes.

Something to keep in mind with Reebok Boxing Boots  is that that they tend to come with laces and some people have feedback about the laces being a bit long. It’s not a huge problem as you can either get shorter laces or, quite simply, wrap the laces around your ankle before tying a knot.

Reebok Mens Boxing Shoes

These boots have a quite classy look and are noticeably light-weight. They come in three different color variations that are either black/white, silver-metallic with black and simply black. There is a beautiful Reebok logo on each of them and these will stand out in the gym.

These shoes are well stitched so they won’t come apart like some other shoes would. Reebok logo is glued on but that should not be a worry – the logo is flexible so it wouldn’t develop tears with movement. They have a synthetic leather upper and the outsole is made of rubber. Something that you are likely to find is that they offer a really good grip of ground during movement. 

Reebok Boxing Shoes

This model is also one that Floyd Mayweather was known to use. The color pattern here in picture is slightly different than what yo can buy currently. This is due to the changes in color patterns. However, the model is the same and functionality of the shoe has not changed. Overall, this is a lightweight shoe with great stitching, quality and durability.

Reebok Boxing Shoes

As we mentioned in the intro section, visually this boxing shoe model resembles the first one on the list. It has a rubber sole, mid-cut support for ankles. It's a mix of leather and textile with a classic Reebok look. Something that is different here is the color pattern is slightly more varied than of the first model.

There are five patterns with the most unique being all black with the non-mesh parts of the boot being shiny. As all Reebok models, it's very breathable and provides good ankle support, which is adjustable with a strap. The strap has a Reebok logo on the side and overall is a very sleek boxing shoe.

Reebok Boxing Shoes

This Reebok boxing shoe might look exactly the same as the previous model but there are some minor differences. The location of mesh and leather is certainly identical ot the previous boot. The slight variation comes in mesh as this model has smaller holes in them. It may seem that it would negatively affect breathability, but since the boxing shoe has mesh all over it, there wouldn't be any noticable difference. There is only one color pattern here, has an ankle strap, synthetic uppers and a rubber sole.

The black/white color pattern is a classic Reebok look. Functionality of the shoe is very much the same as previous models. Great ankle support with the adjustable strap, has laces which can be slightly too long. Overall this is another great model by Reebok that is rated highly by boxers.


Reebok sports brand is known for their quality. This is particularly true for their boxing shoes because the model variations are miniscule. Reebok have captured what they believe is a great shoe for boxing and any changes to new models are small. The downside of these boxing boots might be the same as it's strength - the little variation in model changes. If there are unique requirements for a boxing boot, for example, if the desired ankle cut is short or high, Reebok do no have any other boxing shoe variations that are much different from one another.

If the Reebok boxing shoe models aren't your type, you'll want to check the Adidas shoes. Their have a large variation in wrestling shoes and something that many people don't know is that you can use wrestling shoes for boxing. Their wrestling shoes serve the same purpose as boxing shoes and are used by many boxers. See our review on Adidas wrestling shoes.

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