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Your First Boxing Session – How To Prepare For It?

Written by Martin S

So you are looking to join a boxing class and want to make sure you do well. Perhaps some of the questions going through your mind are what should you do to prepare yourself for a boxing class? Is there even anything you can do? We have put together tips for you that will help you have your first training session with confidence.

Boxing Technique - Your First Session

Firstly, to make sure your first boxing session goes well, you have to remember – everyone starts at the beginning. Whilst there may be very talented fighters out there, the vast majority of them started out as poorly co-ordinated, slightly awkward and rather weak. It’s very unusual to start a boxing class and perform really well. The great thing about this fact is that it is not a secret.

One of the most common things we see in beginner’s classes is people feeling awkward and like someone is going to laugh at their technique or poor footwork, lack of strength and the list goes on. The truth of the matter is that everyone understands boxing is a skill just like anything else. There are people that are natural salesmen or natural public speakers, and it’s also the same with boxing. What makes this martial art different is the fact that boxers that can be considered natural or talented, they don’t start out like that on day one. They can pick up the skill quickly but you can’t expect anyone to start and throw great combinations, have perfect defence and know what to do.

This means, don’t think about what others think of you in terms of your technique. Fighting classes are generally very supportive because they recognize it takes guts to step up and start somewhere. In the end, you’re there for the same reason – to get better. So don’t dwell on what your technique may be – it’s not going to be excellent and that is absolutely fine.

Strength And Cardio During First Training Session

If you’re worried that on your first day of training you may not be fit – this is something you should easily get over and knock this belief out of your system. If you’re getting into martial arts to become fit, trust me, you’re in the right environment. The type of training that martial arts provide is second to none. Not only will you become an absolute cardio machine (if you’re willing to put in the work), it will also make you much stronger. On your first day of training, yes, you will gas out and sweat and feel like you’re being pushed past your limits.

The beauty of boxing is that you will quickly adopt. Boxing is such a fun way to build cardio and strength that you will quickly build your capacity and increase your previous limits. Is there anything you can do to build that strength and cardio before joining your first boxing class? Yes, there is. But you should most certainly not postpone your training sessions until you’ve built, what you think is, a tank of sufficient cardio/strength capacity. If you want to do pushups and situps, go ahead. These are great exercises and will certainly benefit you. The very best thing you can do for yourself is to get your ass in the class and start your first workout.

Boxing Equipment

The vast majority of boxing classes do not expect you to come with any equipment. If you’re worried about things like boxing gloves or boxing shoes, it’s best to just go to the class and start training. Almost all boxing gyms will offer boxing gloves. Specific boxing boots is not something that is required as any pair of trainers will do. If you are, however, wondering about getting a comfortable pair of boxing shoes, we have done a review on best boxing shoes from different brands. Some of these include the likes of Adidas and Reebok boxing shoes. Make sure to check those out as these boxing boots are great not just for boxing but for physical training in general.


Now that we have covered the three topics that many beginners worry about, we hope you feel more relieved and understand that there is nothing to worry about. To be fair, many fighters are worried about their first training session. It’s nothing unusual. Just ensure that you come in with an open mind and you’re willing to put all effort in yourself and allowing yourself to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and no one expects you to be an expert fighter on your first day. Just make sure you come in with the right attitude and enjoy your first training class. After all, you can only have one first session – make sure to make it memorable by enjoying it fully!

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