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Champion’s Mindset – 3 Practical Steps For Success

Written by Martin S

Champion’s mind-set is a widely discussed topic. It's not enough to have a powerful and often entertaining personality. Without sounding cliché, we’d like to present a couple of ideas and practical ways how one can develop a mind-set of a champion. You’ll hear it time and time again, if you want to be the best you have to think like the best. But what does it actually mean? How one achieves the thinking pattern of a champion and develop that champions mentality that will push you over the line and help you achieve greatness. Here are three tips that will help you achieve the bulletproof mind-set, one of a champion with a belief that may even have a chance of bending reality itself.

Vivid visualization with life-like attributes

This one might not be a surprise – you have to visualize success. It is a suggestion that I’m sure you’ve heard a million times. All you have to do is visualize the success, they say. Everyone has the ability to visualize, but what is important in visualization? Is it to imagine how upset you would be to lose that it drives you forward? Or perhaps imagining seeing your family happy with your achievements? The answer is – it’s the entire experience you would achieve with meeting your goal, everything that comes with it and imagining it as real as you possibly can. To achieve a conviction ad a mind-set of a champion, you absolutely have to visualize everything in lifelike images, paying attention to all the details. Ask yourself, how would you walk, breathe, stand, look, respond if you achieved that goal of your dreams? What would you say differently? How would the fabric of your clothes feel when you’ve achieved your goal? All these details help consolidate where exactly you want to get in your head. It helps convincing your mind that the success you are reaching for, is a necessity because it’s like reality in your mind. We feel Conor McGregor has hammers this point home in one of the videos someone has put together compiling his explanations on visualization. Not every successful person can explain or wrap their head around the mind-set of a champion.

Imagine the time period after you’ve achieved your goal

As mentioned in the previous suggestion, it’s great when you imagine vividly the experiences associated with the success. But what’s even better is imagining all the timeline and that includes the success afterwards. Think to yourself, in lifelike images, with the mind-set of a champion and the success of a champion, how would your life change afterwards? If you had the champion’s mind-set, where how would you see yourself a month after you’re achieved success? What about 3 months, 6 months, a year, 3 years after you’ve achieved success? To help condition yourself and your champion’s mind-set, you have to take the time to see how your life would change with the success you’ve always dreamt of. How are your relationships, your interactions, your day to day life going to change after you’ve achieved the things you’ve set out to achieve?

Repetition of visualization

To develop champion’s mind-set and to think like the elite achievers, it’s not just about wandering off inside your head on a visualization trip once in a blue moon. Just like the practice of the task at hand, to become great at something, repetition is a key factor. The mind-set of a champion is one that’s developed through repetition and continuous practice. To become great at getting your mind driving you forward, you have to get yourself to imagine the things you want, time and time again. This is by all means not an easy task and one that will require patience. But make no mistake about it, once you’ve done it day after day, week after week – being successful will be such a compelling scene inside your head that it will have to become your second nature. The success that comes with it, the experiences, you will have seen this hundreds of times. And if you’ve seen something hundreds of times in your head, you will have to achieve this because that’s the only outcome you are seeing in the situation.

If you reach for success, practice is an absolute must. But taking just 5 minutes out of your day to position your mind the right way is what will help you elevate yourself to a new level and achieve the mind-set of a champion.


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