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Best Wrestling Singlets – Top 10 singlets reviewed

It’s easy to get lost when looking for the right wrestling singlet. There are many singlets for youth and adults out there in the market to choose from. Being such an essential part of wrestling, you want to choose the right singlet that will feel good and is for just the right price. To help decide, we’ve compared best wrestling singlets for you to choose from and help decide. We look at various brands and designs and hopefully will give you a better overview of what's available out there.

Overview Of Wrestling Singlets

The one piece singlets are usually made of nylon spandex or lycra. It is a tight fitting piece of equipment that’s designed that way in order not to be grasped by the opponent. It was designed to ensure maximum reliance on actual wrestling and ensuring the clothing does not get into way. This is the primary reason why wrestling singlets is quite tight in general when it’s worn. If the wrestling singlets are loose, it increases the risk of having the singlet grabbed by your opponent which can easily lead to it being teard.

Before we dive in which singlets are the best, not many fighters know that in college wrestling scene, singlets for wrestling became popular around the 60s and 70s of last century. They were actually banned by National Collegiate Athletic Association and wrestling singlets had to “wrestle” their way up to become acceptable. To make your searching easier and help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the most popular ones. Additionally, if you're looking for wrestling shoes, you might want to check out our review on best Adidas wrestling shoes.

Adidas wrestling singlets

This is a new model from Adidas wrestling singlets. The composition of this wrestling singlet is Lycra and it’s available in Red/Royal color. It comes in 16 sizes and it has both adult and youth sizes. For sizing chart, it’s best to visit Adidas website as it will help ensuring you get the right size. To save you some time, if you’re wondering about the size, it’s best to go for a size smaller because several people have said that it felt a bit too big and they had to go for a size down. This singlet is well made quality wise and has great material. Some wrestlers have reported that it feels a bit loose around leg area. This can be classed in youth wrestling singlets as well as adult ones.

Adidas are known for their sportswear and quality materials that are used to create them. This is one of Adidas wrestling singlets that rocks that classic look with three stripes on the side that represent Adidas wrestling. If you’re looking for youth wrestling singlet, this one comes in many sizes both for kids and adults. It’s made out of quality Lycra. With a great classical wrestling singlets look, what we like the most about this option is that it comes in 16 colors. Since this is a very popular singlet for wrestling, you might find others wearing the exact same singlet. Luckily, with 16 color options this chance is significantly reduced. This wrestling singlet is a tight fit but the material stretches so will feel comfortable on different body types. Will apply for youth wrestling as well as adult wrestling.

ASICS, who are also very well known for their sportswear, especially in wrestling, have made this great quality wrestling singlet that’s proven to be very popular amongst wrestlers. It is made out of blended material and has 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra. This singlet comes with four color options and is available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Out of all the available wrestling singlets, this one definitely is of the best at stretching due to its mixed composition. It also is a little bit tighter at leg openings to ensure it doesn’t feel loose while wrestling.

This singlet is available only in one color – black/white. The composition of this wrestlingsinglet is Polyester and Spandex. This singlet is also great for other sports such as Jiu-Jitsu, gymnastics and weightlifting.  Legs of this singlet grip tight and won’t go up during movement. Whilst couple of people did say the sizing didn’t fit quite right, most didn’t have any problems when they chose the normal size they wear. It feels comfortable to move in and suits both adults and youth.

Whilst Amazon mentions it’s an adult singlet, don’t be alarmed – this is also youth singlet as it comes with various sizes for youth. It more color options than other singlets we’ve listed with nine options. This singlet is made out of Lycra and is very comfortable all in all. The material is a little thicker than the common nylon/Lycra composition so this won’t let the skin show through the fabric. In leg area there is a grip band that will allow the wrestling singlet not to move during movement and it won’t slide up which is great. Just like other products we listed, this is also a weightlifting singlet, powerlifting singlet and the list goes on.

This is our first singlet from Brute that we have reviewed and it is a high cut wrestling singlet. The look of it is simple and does not have any fancy patterns. It’s basic singlet for sports and comes in a range of vast range of colors. It’s a youth wrestling singlet as well as an adult singlet. The composition is nylon and Lycra spandex. Just like other sports singlets on this list, it has an elastic gripper around legs for extra comfort and security so they don’t roll up the leg during movement. Most people didn’t have any trouble getting the right size for this wrestling singlet but just to make it easier, here is a link to Brute sizing guide. It’s a tough and durable singlet that some also have used as an Olympic weightlifting singlet so you can be sure it’s made of high quality and won’t tear easily.

Whilst most singlets here can be easily worn by women, this specifically is a woman’s singlet. It comes in five different color options to choose from. This female singlet has 6 size options available. This singlet for women is made out of Nylon and Spandex. It has an additional grip around leg opening to ensure this singlet does not roll up during movement. Just like most singlets, this can be used for different sports such as powerlifting, gymnastics and others.  

KO (or Knockout) wrestling has made that patriotic youth wrestling singlet. As you can tell from the picture, this wrestling singlet has a unique design that is fun and strongly represents USA. It has beautiful colors inspired by USA flag and it has an eagle on the front. This adult and youth singlet is made out of high quality Lycra that stretches well and is elastic. It is very comfortable and has an almost that silky soft feel to it. The great thing about this beautiful design is that the colors don’t fade after washing.

This wrestling singlet is basic a single color wrestling singlet for adults and youth. It has 9 color options. It’s quad length and has is a simple wrestling singlet. Unlike other singlets on the list, this one does not have extra grip around legs so might feel a little loose around leg area. The shoulder strap is quite wide so will feel comfortable around shoulders. Material itself is quite thick so skin should not be showing through this wrestling singlet.  Adidas are known for their quality material so this singlet will last for a long time and can be used also as a weightlifting singlet among other sports.

This is a unique wrestling singlet that sets itself apart from other wrestling singlets with its design. With a strong message “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” one side and “Philippians 4:13” on the other, it sends a strong message to everyone who reads it. Made out of Lycra, it is a high quality material that stretches well. Gripper elastic in legs adds an additional comfort to ensure this singlet does not roll up during movement. This is an adult singlet as well as youth wrestling singlet with plenty sizes to choose from. It has one color option available.

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