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ASICS Wrestling Shoes – Top 10 Reviewed

ASICS is a famous brand in the sportswear industry. ASICS is a Japanese company that offers great sports equipment and among many wrestlers, ASICS wrestling shoes is a favourite. ASICS wrestling shoes are known for their high quality and subsequently, not the cheapest shoes. If you are close to wrestling by either being in the sport or yourself, or perhaps your child is engaging in wrestling after school activities, you will know that this sport requires durable equipment since it is very physical. It is not wise to get the cheapest shoes as you will end up changing them very soon after the first tears have developed, or perhaps the sole has started to come off. While ASICS wrestling shoes are not the cheapest, a good quality material requires high raw costs that usually will exceed the raw material costs of a low quality wrestling shoe. The good news is that ASICS offer a wide range of wrestling shoes and some are cheaper than others. To get a good insight into which ASICS wrestling shoes are the best, we offer a review on these wrestling shoes.

ASICS Wrestling Shoes - TOP 10 

ASICS Wrestling Shoes

Starting with the lower end pricing for ASICS wrestling shoes we have Men’s Matflex 5. It comes in two colour options – Black/Silver and Graphite/White/Charcoal. Black/Silver has a more classical look but Graphite/White/Charcoal also look very beautiful, although with lighter colours you run the risk of getting them dirty quickly. Even with clean wrestling mats it’s easy to accumulate dirt on wrestling shoes so it might demand a little cleaning every now and then to keep the fresh look. This ASICS wrestling shoe has a textile and synthetic base with a full length gum rubber sole on the bottom. The sole has circular patterns for improving pivoting motion on feet. Interestingly, even other types of sports enthusiasts prefer this shoe due to its comfort so this can be used for other activities.

ASICS Wrestling Shoes

This ASICS wrestling shoe comes in four colour variations. It has Black/Silver, Grey/True Blue/Sunflower, Navy/Silver/Red and Shark/Hot Orange/Black. We like the Shark/Hot Orange/Black style with its dark look but with the orange stripes covering sides, these ASICS wrestling shoes will stand out in a crow with a great look. In comparison to Matflex 5 wrestling shoes, this one will feel a little softer on the outside and it’s made out of leather/synthetic combo. It is still on the lower end of price range and is also very popular. Great for various sports activities as customer reviews show that many prefer these ASICS wrestling shoes even for weightlifting. Quality-wise, they are good and similar quality as Matflex 5. One thing to keep an eye out if you get these is to go for a size up as many customers have found these feel too tight when going for the normal size.

ASICS Wrestling Boots

Moving slightly up both in price and quality in these men's wrestling shoes we have Men’s Cael V7.0. With 5 color variations: Blue/White/Rich Gold, Black/Onyx/White, Black/Orchid/Turquoise, Light Grey/Estate Blue/White and True Red/Black/White. We really like the Black/Onyx/White with its basic but fresh look. Just like Snapdown, it is made out of leather and synthetic combo. It has an open mesh upper to keep the feet cool and has a split rubber sole at the bottom. The sole offers a good grip and these ASICS wrestling shoes just generally seem to offer great comfort. Similar to ASICS Snapdown, customers have reported that they had to go for a size up to get the right fit. Where these wrestling shoes are doing better is their reviews – Men’s Cael V7.0. Not many can flaw these wrestling bootss but the price has also gone up a bit in comparison to the other two shoes we have reviewed. Don’t be alarmed, the price is not crazy and its worth having a read of what customers say about them because many are very happy with them. Overall, a very good wrestling shoe for the price.

Boys Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Matflex 4 is very similar wrestling shoe to Matflex 5. With a similar price to Matflex 5, there is not a great deal that separates them but there are a few things that make these boys wrestling shoes different. Matflex 4 is also made out of synthetic, has a rubber sole and has a look that is similar to Matflex 5. Matflex 4 ASICS wrestling shoes It does have less mesh on the shoe so it will not be as breathable as Matflex 5 but don’t be alarmed, it still will keep your feet cool. What’s interesting is that the reviews of Matflex 4 are a little better. These ASICS wrestling shoes only have one color option – Black/Onyx. This is a durable wrestling shoe that offers great traction and easy pivoting with circular patterns placed on the rubber sole. Be careful of getting the right shoe size, many fighters have reported that going for a size up was much more comfortable as Matflex 4 can feel a little tight.

ASICS Wrestling Boots

Next up from ASICS wrestling shoes we have JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe. With 6 color options available, our favourite is Black/Olympic Gold/Red option. Pricing-wise, this wrestling shoe is a little more expensive than our previously reviewed wrestling shoes. Quality-wise, it is hard to ignore the consistent 5 star reviews, with an overall verdict of 4.5. JB Elite V2.0 is made out of synthetic, and have a rubber sole like most ASICS wrestling shoes. JB Elite V2.0 has a split sole and a lace garage to store away the laces. These shoes provide great comfort with its little internal padding. The sole of this wrestling shoe has a unique design that’s designed while keeping pivot and traction in mind. The only fault with these (which is not actually specific to this shoe, ASICS wrestling shoes are known for this) is that you have to go for a size up.

Wrestling Shoes ASICS - omniflex-attack

Omniflex-Attack V2.0 wrestling shoes are one of the upcoming shoes that are gaining popularity amongst fighters. With 4 color variations and a beautiful design, what else separates these wrestling shoes from others on the list? Like many on the list, it is a synthetic shoe with a rubber sole. What’s unique about the sole that it has been designed specifically for traction required for wrestling movement. Another unique feature is that these shoes have a zipper instead of lace. With an additional Velcro strap, they will tightly secure around your ankle for extra support. Similar to JB Elite V2.0 shoes, the only fault customers have found is the sizing issue. And again, it’s specific to ASICS wrestling shoes where you have to go for a size up from what you would normally choose.

JB Elite Wrestling Boots

JB Elite is the first version of our previously reviewed JB Elite V2.0 wrestling boots. With the highest number of color option on this list – 7, these wrestling boots from ASICS are one of the most purchased ones on this list. An attractive price for a decent quality wrestling shoe, it’s proven to be challenging to find a fault with these ASICS wrestling shoes given its price. There definitely have been some concerns over the sole of this wrestling shoe as some fighters have reported it splitting not too far into use. Made out of synthetic and with a rubber sole, what makes these stand out is the sole and color of the wrestling shoe. With a split sole also comes split design as front part of the sole looks different than the back. Decent traction but others on the list would be better at it.

Dan Gable Ultimate 4 boots

Next up on the list we have Dan Gable Ultimate 4 wrestling shoes. For those that are unaware, these wrestling boots are named after the famous American Olympic wrestler Danny Mack Gable. With 5 color options, these have one of the most unique designs on this wrestling shoe list. With beautiful stripe patterns, our favourite is the White/Black/Aluminum shoe. They have a split rubber sole, a lace garage to store your laces and an escaine upper. Similar to Omniflex-Attack and JB Elite V2.0, most customers could only fault the well-known ASICS wrestling boot sizing issue – they just feel too narrow/small. Dan Gable Ultimate 4 looks great and is a very durable wrestling shoe. Going for a size up is recommended!

Aggressor 3 Boots

Aggressor 3 is yet another very popular ASICS wrestling shoe. Made out of synethic, it has a rubber sole, a lace garage and an Escaine upper. The most unique feature about these wrestling boots is the traction it offers. It has little traction pads on the sole and many customers have been happy with the grip of these shoes. It must be said that they offer great grip on a normal surface but can feel a little slippery if the matsare wet for any reason (such as sweat). This wrestling shoe is not as breathable as others are on the list that when it comes to breathability of your feet. It comes three color options.

Cael V6.0 boots

Last but not least we have Cael V6.0 ASICS wrestling shoes. These youth wrestling shoes are made out of synthetic material, with an open mesh upper for extra ventilation. They have a rubber sole and another unique sole pattern with grip in mind. This model is named after Cael Sanderson, who is an American wrestling icon. Customers could find very little drawbacks with these as they are a high quality wrestling shoe that is durable. With 6 color options you can get more of a classical look but also some color options come with stand-out designs. Overall this is a great choice for any wrestler.


This sums our top 10 list of ASICS Wrestling Shoes. ASICS is a reliable sports footwear brand and any choice will likely be a good choice. If you are interested in other brands that offer great wrestling shoes, press here to see top Adidas wrestling shoes reviewed.

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