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Best Adidas Wrestling Shoes – Reviewed

Written by Martin S

Adidas wrestling shoes might be the top player in wrestling shoe market. With a reputation that comes with the brand name, Adidas wrestling shoes offer unique combination of incredible designs and quality. As far as many customers are concerned, Adidas offer the best wrestling shoes out there.

Why choose Adidas wrestling shoes over other brands?

Before I list the reasons, it’s obviously up to you to decide. But let us see what we know about Adidas and why this is respected brand within sports world. Firstly, you can check out their history, Adidas have provided sports equipment (especially shoes) to various sports starting from 1949. With history dating as far as that, they have gone through decades of technology iterations, tailoring to various sports needs and meeting the unique specifics with quality products that people tend to love. Over the years Adidas has built the expertise of packaging functionality, quality and design for different sports. Adidas is one of the favorite sport supplier brands to many sports enthusiasts (we also reviewed their boxing shoes) and wrestling is no different. Adidas wrestling shoes are very dominant within wrestling shoe field and it’s no surprise that many wrestlers choose to go with Adidas – if you know nothing else about the specifics of Adidas wrestling shoes, you at least know that you can rely on the brand. Let’s dive into the top products Adidas provide for their wrestling shoes.

Adidas Wrestling Shoes

Let’s look at the beautiful Performance Adizero Wrestling XIV shoes. First thing you will notice is the simple and yet beautiful design. They come with a vast variety of colour choices but all offer that simple, yet strong look for these wrestling shoes. It has a breathable mesh pattern to keep your feet nice and cool during intense grappling or practice. With light stripes across the sides, this adds a slight edge to a simplistic look. When looking at the outsoles, just like all Adidas wrestling shoes, they offer great traction and grip on the mat. Adizero Wrestling XIV wrestling shoes will offer extra comfort for pivoting with the circular patterns. They are also very light so, with the right size, should feel very comfortable and natural once you have laced them up. Needless to say, these Adidas wrestling shoes have great reviews from customers.

Adidas Wrestling Shoes

Next up you have the David Taylor Edition wrestling shoes. I’m sure wrestling fans would be aware, but in case any of you are not, David “the Magic Man” Taylor is an American wrestler who is a two time Penn State champion. Now, on to the wrestling shoes – this is another best seller from Adidas. With another simple, yet elegant design it is a combination of quality shoe and the look. Its mesh is very breathable although Adizero Wrestling XIV will be a little better in this area. It is a quite wide wrestling shoe and will feel very light on your feet. The grip is solid and very flexible. Most wrestlers are happy with these shoes and their durability but we’ve noticed a few wrestlers mention that the sole is not as good as others they’ve had. Overall, will feel super comfortable with the additional flexibility of the sole, however, that might be an issue down the line and develop a tear. At the same time, many wrestlers are super happy with the David Taylor Edition Wrestling shoe and swear by it.

Wrestling Shoes Adidas

Adidas Wrestling Combat 4 – great Adidas wrestling shoes that rock that classical Adidas feel. With another breathable mesh, you will feel that these shoes will fit comfortably due to higher flexibility. These are leather wrestling shoes, so they should be of good durability. Combat Speed wrestling shoe actually has been around for a while and many wrestlers have grown up in these. It appears over time the quality has suffered a little bit so some wrestlers have reported that they were not as sturdy as they used to be.

Something to look out for when getting Combat Wrestling shoes is the size – it appears some fighters found it difficult to find the right size since they can feel a little narrow. Also, the material seems to attract some dirt. You would need to wash them just like any wrestling shoe but perhaps a bit more often.

Wrestling Boots

Adidas Performance Mat Wizards come with a stylish design. It has a good, breathable mesh pattern and it’s made out of a mixture of components – synthetic/textile. Customers often have mentioned that they feel a little big so might be worth getting a size down. Although the sole offers great traction, some wrestlers have reported that it doesn’t seem to last very long and the sole splits. The design of it looks great with the white background and the black Adidas three stripe pattern going on top of it. WIth a great ankle support, breathability and flexibility in mind, it is a great overall wrestling/boxing shoe.

Wrestling Boots

Next up on our list is Adidas Pretereo III. With these wrestling shoes Adidas have found a sweet spot for many wrestlers. Just by looking at reviews from Amazon, you can tell that this is a successful wrestling shoe Adidas have made. So what’s so special about it – the outsole is more unique than the other ones. They claim it has been even used with success on the 2012 London Olympics mats. The structure of the shoe is very light and flexible so when these shoes have been laced up – they feel very comfortable. It has anti-slip lining so traction should be great with them. The design is simplistic but we love the simple stripes with red and blue colours. While Adidas usually recommend going a size up, it seems these have fit perfectly when choosing the exact size. The outsole is split in parts so should feel very flexible when bending.

Wrestling Boots

Now let's look at the Mat Hog 2.0. This is one of Adidas newer wrestling shoes and the design is extremely impressive. It is a low ankle shoe, which can be used as a boxing shoe as well as for wrestling. It has ankle support and can be laced up. There is mesh around ankles and toe area for superior breathability as well as extra holes all around the shoe for extra air to circulate.

Look-wise, it has a beautiful pattern made out of 3 colours. The Adidas stripes on this shoe are equal length and are a bit wider than other shoes. This adds to the recognizability of the Adidas shoe because he stripes stand out more whilst not being overly in your eyes, due to great color choices. There are 6 different patterns to choose from.

Adidas HVC 2

Let’s look at the next wrestling shoe Adidas offers – it’s the Adidas HVC 2. Let us begin with saying that there’s not much wrong with this – it might be one of our favourites on this list for the price. Although it is not the most stylish wresting shoe on the list, it sure offers quality and durability. It has a lightweight build that’s made out synthetic leather and synthetic suede. The grip is superb and extra ankle strap offers additional support for your ankles. Adidas are funny about their sizes – sometimes you need one up and sometimes one down – in this case it seems wrestlers are getting the right size by going one up. Once you get the right size and try them on, you will be happy with these wrestling shoes Adidas have made. This explains the many 5 star reviews on Amazon. The sole is rubber and has additional circular design for great pivot.

Adidas Tech Fall Rio

Tech Fall Rio 16 might be the best looking wrestling shoe on this list. Design of this shoe is very slick and, while it is quite simplistic, the design will definitely turn heads. It is super lightweight and you might even forget that you have them on. The price is definitely not on the low end for these shoes but the comfort these shoes offer appears to be something else. With three classical Adidas stripes on the side that is surrounded by breathable mesh upper. It has a little extra padding for ankle protection which is not overly common for wrestling shoes Adidas offers. The outsole is quite wide and comes with DriveZones technology to provide great mat grip.

Adizero Sydney

Next up is Adidas Wrestling Adizero Sydney Shoe. These boots stand out the most out of this list when it comes to design of the wrestling shoe. They are the only ones without laces and use a zipper instead. Zipper is met at the top with a small Velcro strap that attaches to the shoe. Having a zipper over a lace allows getting in and out of the wrestling shoe with ease. The downside of the zipper is that zippers generally are the type of component that is subject to breaking. Not many customers have experienced issues with the zipper but there are those few that have been unfortunate with zipper issues on these wrestling boots. With a breathable mesh along the sides, you’ve got your ventilation. Another downside is the colour - it seems that some of it is rubbing off after these wrestling shoes have been put to practice time and time again. It has a decent price tag for the quality it offers and most customers are very pleased with these Adidas wrestling shoes.

Adidas Response 3.1

Adidas Response 3.1 is a great wrestling shoe. The design of the shoe is beautiful with various strie patterns on the side. It has a mesh construction on the sides for breathability which is good (although Adizero Wrestling XIV is better for breathability). It has a good and solid construction with a synthetic sole at the bottom. Adidas Response 3.1 is not the lightest of wrestling shoes Adidas offers but they will certainly not feel like a burden on your feet. In fact, review-wise these might be the best wrestling shoes Adidas has put out. With a really good price tag and customer satisfaction, you would not go wrong with these. As with all other Adidas wrestling shoes, you have to look out for the sizing since that is the only thing you have to look out for when considering these Adidas boots.

Extero 2

Extero II is the only wrestling shoe on this list that has two straps. We reviewed shoes with one strap which is located by the ankle but these have an additional one half way down the front. Additional strap can be good for those that struggle to fill out a shoe or really want that extra tightness around the foot. With the additional space this Velcro strap requires, it leaves less space for breathable mesh. Also Velcro can sometimes lose the stickiness over time so that’s something to look out for. This leaves Extero II as not an overly breathable wrestling shoe but it still has it on some parts. The additional heel lines padding allows reducing ankle pressure. The shoe itself is made out of synthetic leather and only comes in one colour variation – black/silver/white.

Extero 2

Combat Speed 5 from Adidas is another shoe that they have released recently. It has a similar design to Combat Speed 4. In the fifth iteration of Combat Speed, the mesh now stops at the logo, which is covered by synthetic leather. The color choices are also less bright than the previous version of this wrestling/boxing shoe.

Quality-wise, people appear to be raving about it and swear by the long lasting shoe that is great to pivot in and feels great around ankles. This is exactly the thing that is needed when you're on the mat or ring and require great mobility to gain advantage over the opponent. We feel that this shoe is a bang for your buck and shows how Adidas have evolved their fighting shoes over time.

Adidas Vaporspeed

Adidas Vaporspeed wrestling shoe has a superb look about them – with vibrant colors (3 color options) and well placed mesh it is one of the most beautiful wrestling shoe out there. The build is very nice with non-marking rubber sole for good traction and grip. The shoe is made out of synthetic leather like many shoes on the list. A Velcro strap for extra ankle support and a comfortable fit – there are not many drawbacks. The drawback we have noticed: not all sizes are easily to come by as well as lack of overall reviews. Not many wrestlers have reviewed these unfortunately so we are having a hard time to really vouch Adidas wrestling shoes because they have not been tested that well yet by wrestlers.

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